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Wendy Woolly Preserves Competition 2022
Check here for information and application form for the Wendy Woolly Preserves Competition

Platinum Post box Topper Competition
Many of you have already planned your toppers but it’s not too late to decide to make one!
There are lots of ideas online which you can knit or crochet and it’s possible to share up the work
between you.
The plan is that you put out your topper after dark on Wednesday June 1st and leave it out for at least
the duration of the Jubilee Celebrations if not longer. At some point in daylight, take a photo and
send it in to the office along with the name of your WI preferably by email but you can print and post it.
The closing date is at noon on Thursday June 30th.
Obviously, the sooner they are sent, the more likely they are to be shared in social media and TV.
We will announce winners under a variety of headings (best crown, most amusing, cutest corgi,
best representation etc) in the following weeks and will send certificates out to successful WIs

Anne Hale Cup information and entry form - please check here


The DFWI Show Time 2022 is to be held at Derbyshire County Show in Elvaston on 25/26th June 2022.   Show Time showcases the skills of Derbyshire WIs.

Closing date for all entries: Friday 27th May 2022

Theme:  ALL THE FUN OF THE FAIR - each display should illustrate the theme unless content is more specific

Craft Co-operative Competition – entry fee £8

A display of four individual items, each showing a different craft, on a circular base not exceeding 24" (61cm) diameter, covered using any media (e.g. fabric/card).

(knitting, crochet, macrame, sewing, embroidery, cross stitch, papier mâché, carving, pottery, painting ..... just a few off the top of my head)

Home Economics Co-operative – entry fee £8

A display of 2 savoury and 2 sweet dishes, plus a floral exhibit,  on a square base not to exceed 24"x24" (61x61cm), covered using any media.  Do not use perishable ingredients that deteriorate if not refrigerated.

White Peak Co-operative Competition – entry fee £5

A display of one craft item, one home economics item (restriction as above) and a floral exhibit on a circular base not exceeding 16" (40.5cm) covered using any media.

Craft Open Classes – entry fee £2 per item

Class A:  Knitted fingerless gloves

Class B:  Crochet yellow duck

Class C:  Lacy dress for a doll (max doll size 16".  Dress to be displayed on doll)

Class D:  An item to be made from a pair of recycled jeans

Class E:  Needle felted goldfish (max length 6")

Class F:  Cross stitched birthday card with "Fair" theme (max size A5 - 8"x6")

Home Economics Open Classes – entry fee £2 per item

Class 1:  Jar of raspberry jam

Class 2:  3 x brandy snaps

Class 3:  Lemon drizzle cake (to given recipe)

Class 4:  3 x sausage rolls (bought pastry allowed)

Class 5:  3 x white bread burger bun

Blass 6:   Bakewell Tart (to given recipe)

Class 7:  3 x Grantham ginger biscuits (to given recipe)

Class 8:  A summer posy in a jam jar

Class 9: CHILDRENS CLASS: 3 x cheese straws

Berry Photographic Competition – entry fee £2 (only one entry per member)

Photographs to be no more than A4 size including mount only.

Wenda Webb Art Competition – entry fee £3.50

Theme: " Carousel" painted in watercolour

Picture, landscape or print, must be no larger than 16" x 12" (41cm x 30.5cm) including frame or no larger than this size including mount but sealed in plastic cover. Picture must have been completed within the last 12 months.

Bonsall Art Competition – entry fee £3.50

Theme:  "Win a prize" painted in oil or acrylics

Picture, landscape or portrait measurements as watercolour, and completed in the last 12 months.