Sport and Leisure Committee

Welcome to the Sport and Leisure Committee 2016

Anne Bellamy         -  Chair

Lynda Hewett        -  Secretary

Jackie Flint             Joyce Brown         Jenny Else

Diane Smiles           Daphne Baine

Front row l-r Jackie Flint, Daphne Baines
Back row l-r Jenny Else, Lynda Hewett,Diane Smiles, Joyce Brown, Anne Bellamy



22 August 2018, another great day of fun and laughter - Quad Biking does seem to be a very popular activity with Derbyshire Federation members

18 members from Derbyshire spent a great afternoon quad trekking at Wild Park Activity Centre . They had a fun time and the weather stayed fine for them

Sailing at Carsington Sailing Club. The weather was warm and fine, but sadly not much wind to really get going, but the instructors allowed the group to drive the ribs and inflatables to satisfy the need for speed! A great afternoon!

Eight energetic WI members enjoying the Nordic Walking Day event on Friday 7 April 2017.  Looks like they are having a great time.


Quad Biking Day

15 ladies from across the county went quad biking as  part of WI Sports Week. The weather stayed fine for them as they trekked across rugged terrain and had a brilliant, fun afternoon!(Love the outfits!)


Archery Day
On Wednesday May 18th 2016, 28 ladies from all over the county enjoyed a very exciting Archery session at Wild Park, Brailsford. Having been given some basic training and instruction, the Instructors set a competition for them all.  The photo shows the winners.  Unfortunately, Jenny Else, one of the winners, forgot to write down the names of the other 2, so you know who you are!
The weather held fine for them as well. Hopefully we will arrange an event like this again.


DFWI Fun Games
For three weeks in June and July, the Sports and Leisure Sub Committee arranged a series of Fun Games to be held across the County.  In all 20 teams took part in a range of games and activities, which included swimming – on a skate board, ski trekking – four people on two boards walking across the room, hockey – knocking down skittles with a tennis ball in a pair of tights worn on the head and much more!  If all this sounds a bit bizarre – it was! All the teams entered into the spirit of Fun Games and there was much laughter and hilarity. The final event was the “Marathon”, there are no photographs of this event, for those people who were there, you will understand why.  For those who weren’t there, well, you’ll have to ask someone who was!
All in all, 3 very enjoyable afternoons.
Anne Bellamy
Chair, Sports and Leisure Sub Committee


Fun and Games at Derbyshire House


Fun and Games at Chinley


Fun and Games at Staveley

Brilliant video of the seriously funny 'Fun and Games' event in the north of the county!