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Check here for the details of the NFWI board of Trustees 2022-23

Updated WI Handbook 2022.

You will find a summary of the updates at section 15. These are:

  • Section 1: The number of WIs has been reduced from 6,000 to 5,500.
  • Section 11.1: It has been made clear that bye-laws do not have to reviewed annually but that this is recommended.
  • Section 11.2: The content on enlargements has been edited.
  • Section 12.1: The HR team description has been updated.
  • Section 12.2: The office location of WIE has been added (London) and their email address has been added in.
  • Section 12.3: The NFWI Centre name has been updated to Education and Training and their contact information updated.
  • Section 12.5: Denman’s contact information has been updated.
  • Section 12.6: It has been made clear the NFWI Board of Trustees are not elected at the Annual Meeting.
  • Section 12.8: The section has been edited to provide further information.
  • Section 12.10: The NFWI Charter and the NFWI Code of Conduct have been added.
  • The glossary: The National Council section has been updated.

These updates have been made in response to member feedback and we hope they make the handbook more user-friendly.

The handbook can be found on My WI:

Updated Constitution and Rules for Womens Institutes

For information on the updated Constitution and Rules for Womens Institutes please check here
You will find the changes made are on page 13 - section 38 & 39 to allow for Virtual meetings.
Page 23 requires signing.

Wednesday10 February 2021

Check here for the letter sent to WI Committee Members on the new flexible subscription payment initiative

Check here for the useful Q and A document relating to the new flexible subscription payment initiative. Some of the questions you may be asked are here

Please check here for the current diagram illustrating how your subscription feeis divided and how it is spent by NFWI, DFWI and by your own WI


Pro-rata subscription rate eligibility

We are delighted to announce a change to the former pro-rata subscription rate ineligibility period of 10 years. Following feedback from members and very careful consideration by the Board of Trustees, this ineligibility period has been reduced to 1 year.
The aim is to maintain the function of having an ineligibility period for former members so WIs are not disrupted by individuals switching their membership on and off, while bringing in the most welcoming and encouraging approach possible for our former WI members who wish to re-join. This will also support WIs wishing to reach out to their former members and invite them back – helping to retain as many members as possible.
This will come into action from 1st April 2021 so it can be active and applied throughout the next pro rata year.
There are so many life events that can lead to women feeling they have to give up their WI membership, such as moving house, new career, becoming a mother, periods of debilitating illness, increased demands on time due to caring etc. We know that many of these members would like to re-join as soon as they feel able to and their WIs want to be as accommodating as possible to help them do so. Reducing the pro rata ineligibility period to 1 year will we hope be a very practical and impactful way of enabling WIs to offer this understanding and support.
There are a few elements we want to clarify that you may get questions about:

  • This only applies from April 2021 going forward (no retrospective refunds or arrangements can be made for former members who re-joined before this date).
  • The rules on dual membership remain the same. Dual members only pay the WI portion to their second WI so there is no pro rata rate for this
  • All levels of the WI (NFWI, federations and WIs will obviously need to review their literature / websites / Facebook etc. to make sure all the wording on joining the WI reflects this change from April 2021
    This will also be communicated to members via WI Life, My WI and social media.